Most Miami-area taxis are metered. Meter rates for taxis in Miami are $2.50 for the first 1/6 mile and $0.40 for each additional 1/6 mile. You’ll also be charged $0.40 for each minute spent waiting and a $2 fee for rides originating at the airport. These fares do not include any tolls incurred (and a 15% tip is customary for good service).

There are two issues with taxi service in Miami. Unless you are at the airport or a popular hotel, it is a challenge finding available taxis. Visitors are advised to program into their cell phones the phone numbers of a few reliable taxi service, for that they can pre-arrange rides to wherever they have to go. This is more the case, since Miami is a spread-out city.

Also, to the surprise (and shock) of at least some visitors, a ride from one far-flung part of Miami (say Dadeland Mall at Kendall) to another area (such as downtown or Miami Beach) can run well over $20 for that one ride.

Here are the phone numbers of some well-known taxi services:

Miami-Dade Taxis
(305) 551-1111

Flamingo Taxis
(305) 599-9999

Yellow Cab
(305) 777-7777

Rickenbacker Taxi
(305) 365-0000

Super Yellow Cab
(305) 888-7777